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Wholesale Enquiries

Hand Towels

Towels-Wholesale.com offers a complete selection of wholesale bath towels in a variety of sizes, styles, and weights, one that is sure to meet your needs.


Q.  What makes your hand towels a better value than the competition? 

A. Towels-Wholesale.com has been in business for over 40 years.  During that time we have developed close relationships with mills that manufacture to our strict standards.  Whether it is our Luxury or Economy line, we provide wholesale hand towels on a consistent basis that are Whiter and more absorbent than what is typically found in the market. The mills that we contract with to manufacture our towels are not the lowest priced suppliers in the market but they supply quality products consistently. As direct importers of bath towels, we carry large inventories to supply the ongoing needs of our customers.

Q.  How plush are your hand towels?

A. This is a question we receive regularly. What one person considers to be plush may not be plush to the next person. We offer several styles, sizes, and weights of bath sheets one of which generally meets the needs of our customers.

Q. I just received my order of hand towels. Why are they so thin?

A. The Economy towels are shipped in machine compressed bales which allows more towels to be fit into a 40’ ocean freight container and as a result reduces freight costs and the overall cost of the towel. The machine compression actually reduces the pile of the towel but once the towel is laundered the pile of the towel will fluff up some. Please bear in mind that Economy hand towels are priced accordingly, they are towels that absorb and function but aren’t soft.

Q.  What shipping method do you use?

A.  Orders will either ship FedEx Ground or if the order is large enough we will ship with a truck carrier.  For truck shipments you will be contacted prior to the actual shipment to discuss any special requirements. Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.

Q.  How quickly will my order ship?

A.  For stock items orders ship no later than the next business day.  Oftentimes in stock orders ship the same business day.  Because towels-wholesale.com is a direct importer of bar mops we carry extensive inventories that allow us to service our customers in a fast, efficient manner.

Q. What types of accounts purchase use your hand towels?

A. We supply wholesale hand towels on a continual basis to commercial laundries, salons, spas, car washes, health clubs, country clubs, vacation rental properties, fire stations, promoters, etc.

Q.  Which hand towel should I purchase?

A.  There are several sizes and weights available in hand towels. If you are trying to meet a budget and also experience loss/abuse of your hand towels then the Economy hand towel is a viable option. Our Premium line offers a softer towel than our Economy line. Our Luxury hand towels are our softest and most absorbent line of hand towels.

Q. Do you offer color hand towels?

A. We do offer a limited selection of color hand towels primarily for the salon and fitness industries.

Q.   How long should hand towels last?

A.   This is a question that we receive regularly.  It is nearly an impossible question to answer because of a variety of factors including the environment the hand towels are used in, local water conditions, amount of chemicals used, and equipment.  As mentioned previously, towels-wholesale.com takes extra steps in the manufacturing process to maximize the longevity. A heavier towel will generally wear longer than a lighter, smaller towel.

Q.  Why are my hand towels falling apart prematurely?

 A. Exposure and overuse of chlorine bleach is the main reason that a hand towel will fail too soon.  If you have small "worn" spots in your towel that are very easy to tear further this is generally a sure sign of either direct contact to chlorine bleach or other chemical. If the towel is coming apart along the edge after the first wash or two then hemming of the towel is faulty.  Finally if the towel is very fuzzy and loose after the first couple of launderings then the towel was woven too loosely. As with any cotton towel product there becomes a time when the towel does wear out.

Q. My hand towels are yellow or dingy?

Generally when a towel is yellow this indicates that the soap wasn’t fully rinsed out of the towel in the laundering process. Either increase the rinse time or reduce the amount of detergent used. If a towel looks dingy out of the packaging this is usually because of inferior cotton yarn used in the towel. If a towel looks dingy after several washes this usually means that there is grease or some other substance in the towel. Generally hotter wash temperatures will do more to help break down and release soil than anything else.