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Wholesale Enquiries

Bar Mops

Towels-Wholesale.com offers a complete selection of wholesale bar mops in a variety of sizes, styles, and weights, one that is sure to meet your needs.


Q.  What makes your bar mops a better value than the competition? 

A. Towels-Wholesale.com has been in business for over 40 years.  During that time we have developed close relationships with mills that manufacture to our strict standards.  Our wholesale bar mops are tightly woven to reduce linting and last longer.  As well our towels are hemmed with quality threads to insure longevity.  Finally, many commercial laundries have told us we have the best bar mop in the industry.  Keep in mind that these commercial laundries process and launder towels under the harshest laundry environment possible and the smart laundry operators are looking for the most durable towel they can find.

Q.  What shipping method do you use?

A.  Orders will either ship FedEx Ground or if the order is large enough we will ship with a truck carrier.  For truck shipments you will be contacted prior to the actual shipment to discuss any special requirements. Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.

Q.  How quickly will my order ship?

A.  For stock items orders ship no later than the next business day.  Oftentimes in stock orders ship the same business day.  Because towels-wholesale.com is a direct importer of bar mops we carry extensive inventories that allow us to service our customers in a fast, efficient manner.

Q. What types of accounts purchase use your bar mops?

A. Restaurants, cafeterias, country clubs, hotels, hospitals, health clubs, commercial linen services, auto dealers, and coffee shops are just a few of the types of businesses that buy our bar mops on a regular basis.

Q.  Which bar mop should I purchase?

A.  Generally speaking if your amount of loss and abuse of bar mops is minimal it is always recommended to buy the heavier towel as it will last longer than lighter weight towels.  On the other hand, if you experience a high amount of loss and abuse of bar mops, the lighter weight and less expensive towels are a better choice.

Q.   How long should bar mops last?

A.   This is a question that we receive regularly.  It is nearly an impossible question to answer because of a variety of factors including the application bar mops are used in, local water conditions, amount of chemicals used, and equipment.  As mentioned previously, towels-wholesale.com takes extra steps in the manufacturing process to maximize the longevity.

Q.  Why are my bar mops falling apart prematurely?

 A. Exposure and overuse of chlorine bleach is the main reason that most bar mops do not reach their full life.  If you have small "worn" spots in your towel that are very easy to tear further this is generally a sure sign of either direct contact to chlorine bleach or other chemical. If the towel is coming apart along the edge after the first wash or two then hemming of the towel is faulty.  Finally if the towel is very fuzzy and loose after the first couple of launderings then the towel was woven too loosely. As with any cotton towel product there becomes a time when the towel does wear out.

Q. My bar mops are yellow or dingy?

Generally when a towel is yellow this indicates that the soap wasn’t fully rinsed out of the towel in the laundering process. You need to either increase the rinse time or reduce the amount of detergent used. If a towel looks dingy out of the packaging this is usually because of inferior cotton yarn used in the towel. If a towel looks dingy after several washes this usually means that there is grease or some other substance in the towel. Generally hotter wash temperatures will do more to help break down and release soil than anything else.

Q. Are there any bar mops made in the United States?

A. No. It has been many years since an institutional quality bar mop has been produced in the United States.