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Wholesale Enquiries

Shop Towels

Q.  All shop towels are the same aren’t they? Why should I buy my shop towels from Towels-Wholesale.com?

A. Many of our repeat customers tell us that we offer the best shop towel in the market. Unlike some shop towels, our towels are cleaner, more absorbent, and consistent than what the competition offers. Our shop towels are not full of sizing and waste to create an “artificially” weighted towel. As well, we use a better grade of cotton that helps to reduce linting and shedding. Towels-Wholesale.com has been in business for over 40 years.  During that time we have developed close relationships with mills that manufacture to our strict standards to offer consistently quality wholesale shop towels.

Q.  What shipping method do you use?

A.  Orders will either ship FedEx Ground or if the order is large enough we will ship with a truck carrier.  For truck shipments you will be contacted prior to the actual shipment to discuss any special requirements. Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.

Q. What type of accounts by your shop towels?

A. Our wholesale shop towels are used by a number of automotive type businesses such as car dealerships, body and repair shops, and oil/tire service centers. Mechanics shops and janitorial services also buy our shop towels on a continuous basis. Our shop towels are also purchased from promotional custom screen printing purposes.

Q.  How quickly will my order ship?

A.  For stock items orders ship no later than the next business day.  Oftentimes in stock orders ship the same business day.  Because towels-wholesale.com is a direct importer of bar mops we carry extensive inventories that allow us to service our customers in a fast, efficient manner.

Q.   How long should a shop towel last?

A.   This is a question that we receive regularly.  It is nearly an impossible question to answer because of a variety of factors including the application the shop towels are used in, local water conditions, amount of chemicals used, and equipment.  As mentioned previously, towels-wholesale.com takes extra steps in the manufacturing process to maximize the longevity.

Q.  Why are my shop towels falling apart so quickly?

 A.  If the towel is sewn with either faulty threads or equipment, the towel can unravel easily. Exposure to strong solvents and chemicals will reduce the life of anything that is 100% cotton as well. If a towel is full of lint and “trash” after the initial laundering this indicates inferior quality yarns used in the towel.  As with any cotton towel product there becomes a time when the towel does wear out.

Q. I see shop towels often advertised as 18x18. When I received my towel they were only 13 x 13 in size. Why is that?

A. Before the towel is actually processed to be made Red, White, or Blue, the towel is in an unbleached “greige” state. As the towels are dyed either Red or Blue or washed to be White, the washing and drying process reduces the size of the towel from the original size of approximately 18 x 18 to approximately 13 x 13.

Q. Do you offer other colors of towels besides Red, Blue, and White?

A. These are the 3 colors that we stock in our warehouse. Depending on the quantity you are requiring it is possible to have the shop towel dyed to a color other than what we carry. Please contact us in order to discuss further.

Q. Are there any shop towels made in the United States?

A. No. It has been many years since a cotton shop towel has been produced in the United States. Anyone claiming that their shop towel is made in the United States may be referring to the fact that their towel is dyed or washed in the United States but the fabric and sewing is actually from off-shore. The fact the towel may be dyed or washed in the U.S.A. doesn’t make the towel a made in the U.S.A. towel.